The New Force in Industrial Ceramics


Welcome to ACCCO

ACCCO, Inc. is a southeastern Ohio based manufacturer of high quality industrial ceramic products and consumer based ceramic products. This area of Ohio was once the largest ceramic manufacturing region in the world due to its rich clay deposits left behind by the receding glaciers. ACCCO mines and processes these rich clay deposits through its subsidiary company, Valley Clay Mining. This clay is used to produce the industrial ceramic products that ACCCO manufactures for the Petrochemical and Refining industries.

Recently ACCCO acquired a pressed ceramics product line and Spray Dried Powder system. This new line enables ACCCO to produce several different types of pressed ceramics for the consumer and industrial ceramic products markets.

ACCCO, Inc. is privately held and maintains a seasoned workforce with many years of ceramic processing experience to draw upon. With a recently renovated 400,000 ft manufacturing facility, state-of-the-art equipment and stringent production processes, ACCCO is able to provide consistent quality ceramic products that exceed industry standards. From the clay mine to the shipping dock, ACCCO controls every step of the production process. Contact us for the best ceramic products and customer service available in today’s ceramic market.

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