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Accco Facility

ACCCO occupies a recently renovated 400,000 ft facility in Roseville, Ohio. The facility contains state-of-the-art processing equipment, kilns, a ceramic powder spray dryer and 92,000 ft of dry warehouse space. The manufacturing facility is kept clean and safe. This keeps the product free of contamination and helps keep our labor force healthy and accident free.

All of the products offered for sale by ACCCO are manufactured in our Roseville, Ohio facility. The plant operates two large tunnel kilns and four periodic shuttle kilns that are capable of firing ceramic products up to 2,6000 F (~ 1,4300 C). The plant also has a small high-temperature kiln capable of firing to temps exceeding 3,0000 F (~1,6500 C). ACCCO is capable of extruding, ram pressing and mechanical pressing ceramic products in virtually any clay body a customer may request.

All of ACCCO’s finished products are stored in the clean, dry 92,000 ft warehouse. All trucks are loaded either via covered loading docks (vans/ overseas containers) or inside the warehouse (flatbeds). This insures that neither the packaging nor the ceramic material itself can be damaged by moisture and/or sunlight. ACCCO maintains a substantial inventory of “ready to ship” customary products in order to provide a rapid response for emergency and expedited shipments.

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